Water soluble 600mg CBD


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What is Nano CBD?

Nano-sizing reduces particle size but increases the contact area, of the nutrient particles by turning it into millions of smaller particles, which increases absorption and bioavailability. Because of this, the product goes where it is needed most. Due to its water-soluble nature, these tincture drops are easily dissolved into water and easily absorbed.

Here are just a few added benefits of our proprietary nanotechnology:

  • Increased Bioavailability
  • Reduced Dissolution
  • Faster Onset
  • More CBD Being Retained
  • Effectiveness Increased
  • Direct Absorption

What sets Playful Hearts CBD apart from other brands?

  • All Our CBD products are US grown & Industrial Registered Hemp Extract.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade CBD thats 99.9% pure
  • Peppermint flavor that tastes amazing! (Voted best tasting)
  • MCT Oil as the carrier providing even more health benefits
  • Non-detectable THC (ND THC) ppm



Product Details:

• Bottle: 1 fl oz (30mL) Blue Cobalt

Glass dropper with measurements for reliable dosing every time.

600mg CBD

Additional information

Weight .13 kg
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 2 cm


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